Purchase Risperdal Online

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Purchase Risperdal Online

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P. BALSAMicus. Mastich, myrrha?, sarcocollse ana 5 j ; mix; to be sprinkled on bared lx)nes, tendons, and ligaments. PuLvis lienteuicus. Pulveris tragacanth. comp., pulveris rhei, ana 5iij, pulveris ipecacuanhac; comp. 5j, hydrargyri cum 458 XII. CONSISTENT AND DRY COMPOUNDS creta 3j. Misce. Dosis a gr. v ad 5ss, 3tis, 4ti, vel 6tis horis. Purchase Risperdal Online Interdum adde extract, catechu, &c. MocHLiQUE DES Freres de LA Chartte. Vitr. antim. very finely ground 5 j. sacch. albi 5ij ; dose 3j to 5ss, as a specific in colic from lead. ViTRUM ANTiMONii CERATUM. Ccrae flavae 3j, melt and add vitr. antim, in extremely fine powder 5 j : mix well, and keep in the fire for an hour, or till it acquires the appearance of Spa- nish snufF; cool, and powder ; in diarrhoea and dysentery gr. vj twice a day. P. DiAPHORETicus. Pulv. antimonialis gr. viij, crem. tartari gr. vj. 2. Pulv. antimonialis gr. vij, salisnitri gr. v ; diaphoretic, in fevers. P. JALAP.E. Jalapae 3j, crem. tartari 3j. P. RHABARBARi. Purchase Risperdal Online Purchase Risperdal Online Rhabarb. gr. xxv, crem. tart. 3j ; purging. P. SABINE. Fol. sabinae pulv. ^ij seruginis, Merc, prsecip. rubri ana ^ss ; to stimulate and consume fleshy tumours. Duke of Portland's gout powder, P. Ducis Portlandice, Rad. aristol., rad. gentianae, summ. chamaedryos, summ. centaur, min. ana p. aeq. ; used in Purchase Risperdal Online gout. Herrenschwand's worm specific. G. G. G. gr. x, sal. tartari 3J. ToNQUiN remedy, P, Tunckinensis, P. alexipharmicus Sinensis. Had. valer. sylv. pulv. 3j, moschi gr. xvj, camph. gr. vj ; mix ; antispasmodic, alexiterial, to gr. xij, in hooping-cough; to 5J in hydrophobia and exanthemata; tosijss, in mania. Purchase Risperdal Online P. vERMiFUGUs. Sal. comm. 5ij, coccinellog ^ij ; dose 5ss, every morning. 2. Ferri carbon. 3j, in any vehicle, early every morning. PuLvis ciNCHONiE CUM SODA. Pulvcris cinchouas, sodse sub- carbonatis, ana partes aequales. Dosis a gr. v ad 3ss, bis terve in die. PuLvis TONicus. Ferri sulphatis exsiccati 3iij, potassse sul- phatis 3ij, pulveris cascarillse ^iijss. Misce. Dosis a gr. iij ad gr. X, bis terve in die. [Infantihus,) P. TONICUS. Cort. Peruv. 3SS, sal. Epsom. 5vj ; for four doses, one every other hour, in agues, 2. Ferri ammon. gr. v, rhabarb. gr. iij ; once a day. 3. Ferri tartar, gr. x, rad. calumbse gr. xv ; for a dose every four hours. PuLvis CALUMB.E COMPOSITDS. Pulveris calumbas ^ j, pulv. rhei ^ss, sodse subcarbonatis 3iijss. Misce. Dosis a gr. vj ad 5ss, bis de die. Powders, &c. 459 Cheltenham salts. Glauber's salt, Epsom salt, common salt, of each 281b. ; dry in an oven, and powder ; purgative, 5vj t0 3Jss. 2. Sal. Glaub. 5ij, sal. Epsom, gr. Ixvj, sal. comm. gr. x, sal. Martis gr. ss. 3. Common salt, Epsom salt, Glauber's salt, of each 1 lb. ; dissolve, filter, and evaporate to dryness, then add green vitrioi 5SS. PouDRE DE MURIATE d'*or-et-de-soude. Mur. auri-et-sodsB crystal, gr. j, pulv. lycopod. gr. ij, M. 2. Use pulv. rad. indis flor. deprived of all its soluble parts by alcohol and water, pulv. lycopodii. P. diureticus. Rad. scillae sice, gr, iij, opii gr. ss, cinnam. gr. X ; for a dose twice a day. 2. Rad. scill. sice. gr. xij, sal. nitri 3j, sacch. albi, cinnam. ana 5 j, f. pulv. no. vj ; dose one, twice a day. 3. Crem. tart. 3j, rad. scill, sice. gr. iij, zz. gr. v ; for a dose, every six hours. P. puRGANs. Rhabarb. gr. xv, scamm., ammonia? subcarbon. ana gr. v ; for a single dose. 2. Rad. jalap, gr. xv, rad. ipecac, gr. v, ol. cinnam. gtt. ij ; for one dose. 3. G. G. G. gr. iij, saechari 3j ; for a dose, every three hours until a stool is obtained. Pl'LVIs catharticus. Subniuriatis hydrargyri, pulveriscam- bogiae, pulv. jalapa, pulv. rhei, pulv. cinnamomi, ana 3ij. Misce. Dosis, a gr. v ad 3j. P. A NT ACID us. Pulv. crcta c. cum opio 3j, catechu gr. xv ; for a dose, to be taken after each liquid stool, in loosenesses aris- ing Purchase Risperdal Online from acidity. P. REFRiGEiiANs. Salis nitH Purchase Risperdal Online gr. xv, in a teacup of water, immediately upon it being dissolved. P. expectohans. Myrrha* 5ss, saechari Jss; to be taken in divided doses, daily, in any convenient vehicle. 2. Scillft" sice. gr. viij, ipecac, gr. v, camphora? 3j, pulv. antim.
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